Setting Treatment Goals

VOICE-OVER (CAROL): Only you know what your norm was before, and, so, I think, sharing that information with your doctor helps you kind of establish a goal to shoot for. My physician and I always talk about goals when I go in. Initially, when I first went in, I just want to be able to walk without pain. Okay, okay, let’s work on that, then. And I just kept pushing and pushing. I said, “Okay, now I’ve reached that goal—let’s look on to the next thing.”

VOICE-OVER (MONICA): ): My goals have primarily been washing my car being able to visit my family without feeling fatigue for 2 days after or having severe joint pain.

VOICE-OVER (TOM): One of my goals when I was getting my treatments was to be able to get on a bicycle. Fortunately, I have gotten there now. I can get on and ride that bike and feel comfortable doing it.

VOICE-OVER (CAROL): I am not gonna accept that my body will not let me do anything anymore. I’m gonna reach my goals.

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