Tom’s Story

VOICE-OVER: You know, it’s just great to be able to get out and kind of unplug and just get out in nature.

Hi, my name’s Tom, I’ve been living with severe rheumatoid arthritis since 1997. Having rheumatoid arthritis has a big effect on just everyday activities. I did not have the strength in my hands to even pull the brakes that’s how bad it got. And it got to a point where it just was not safe.

I had seen a couple of rheumatologists and it seemed like I wasn’t getting anywhere. So I decided I had enough and I was gonna go see what’s available. So I went to a new rheumatologist and there are things that are available and so she recommended for me a therapy with the goal of stopping the progression of the disease.

I’ve made great advances from where I used to be, I’ve made a lot of progress. The pain in my hands and my wrists in particular is much less now. What was really exciting for me is when my symptoms were reduced enough that I could ride my bike again with my girlfriend, because that really means the world to me. You do have to have that never give up, never stop looking type of attitude until you finally get there.

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