Impact of RA

VOICE-OVER (TOM): Having rheumatoid arthritis has a big effect on just everyday activities. So I like to ride bikes but to do that you have to be able to use your hands, you have to be able to change gears and to use the brakes. And it got to a point where it just was not safe for me to do that. And I just, I could not physically pull the brake on the bike. That’s...that’s how bad it got.

VOICE-OVER (CHARIS): I have to be able to communicate with my students, and to do that I’m gonna be writing feedback. And because of RA, I have a hard time sometimes. My hands get tired, and I feel like I...I’m not able to give the kind of feedback I really need my students to get.

VOICE-OVER (MONICA): When I am stressed, the one thing that helps me destress is washing my car and once I got diagnosed with RA I wasn’t able to do that because of the fatigue, the joint pain. But once I started treatment, I was able to gain back my level of independence which made me a lot happier.

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