Finding the Right Treatment

VOICE-OVER (TOM): For years, I thought there wasn’t much I can do about the rheumatoid arthritis. But I finally said, enough is enough—I’m gonna go and see what else is out there. When I was able to find a treatment that was able to reduce my symptoms I was able to get back on the bike again. And that was a really big deal for me.

VOICE-OVER (MONICA): I am working with my rheumatologist. She listened to my viewpoints and she said, “Okay, I’m willing to adjust your medication.” After about a month I began to feel less fatigue, less joint pain.

VOICE-OVER (CHARIS): I have to communicate very clearly with my doctor to let him know how I feel. So that he and I together, we can come up with a treatment plan that’s more effective for me.

VOICE-OVER (CAROL): Patients have to be their own advocates; they have to push hard. If you’re not feeling good, you know, you need to say, “I need to try something different.”

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